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High Efficiency Filters

High Efficiency Filters

High Quality Filter Housings

Our new range of compressed air filter units have been designed with economy and efficiency in mind, for the removal of oil, water, particulates and gaseous aerosols from compressed air systems using a range of high performance filtration elements. The die-cast filter housings are produced from high-grade aluminium with a special feature of both external and internal surfaces being Alu-Chrome treated. In addition, they are also subject to a tough epoxy baked on paint finish in ‘compressed air blue’ – RAL 5015. These treatments are designed to provide long-term protection, even when subject to the harshest of conditions, ensuring a long service lifetime. Optional electronic or pneumatic differential pressure gauges can be fitted as required. The oil/water condensate is removed via a highly efficient robust brass drain assembly with the built-in capability to attach a 6mm diameter nylon condensate discharge line.

Filter Media

Our elements are manufactured with ‘pleated’ filter media. Pleated media has four times the amount of cross[1]sectional surface area compared to conventional wrapped or rolled media. The pleated media gives a much lower pressure drop. This in turn will save energy as the compressor doesn’t have to work as hard to get the air through the filter and with four times more media significantly longer service life is obtained. These elements provide impressive filtration efficiencies from 99.99% to 99.99999% with a further grade being specific to oil/aerosol removal down to 0.003mg/m utilising activated carbon technology. All elements are manufactured with polished aluminium end caps, which are stronger and better suited to any elevated temperatures.

General Information

Maximum recommended operating temperature of 60˚C
Minimum recommended operating temperature of 1˚C
Maximum recommended operating temperature of 16 bar
Filters come complete with high quality brass auto drain assembly – zero loss
Differential pressure gauge optional
All filters have aluminium end caps and brass tie rods
Filter elements are made with ‘pleated’ media for long service life
All filter housings are CE marked and PED 97/23/EC compliant

Compressed Air Systems UK
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