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Compressor Pipework & Installations

Compressed Air Systems Pipework Design and Installation

Here at Compressed Air Systems UK, we offer full services, installations and custom designs of most major brand pipework systems.

More and more companies are increasingly looking towards Compressed Air Systems UK for their pipework installations, surveys, system adaptations and innovative production knowledge. We will work with each of our clients to understand their individual needs and the best air system will work the most effective for them.

If you have a new warehouse, factory, unit, production area or an existing system that requires re-designing or re-vamping, our team at Compressed Air Systems can provide a tailored planning service specifically for you.

Our Pipework Services For Air Compressor Parts

Each of our air systems are designed to meet your individual needs. This includes:

  • All parts for Compressor Air Installations, Air Compressor Fittings, Isolation valves, Brackets and PTFE
  • Air Receiver Pressure Testing to H.S.E. Standard (Certificate Supplied)
  • Ring Mains Installation, Inspection and Maintenance
  • Air Quality Testing for Leaks

We also provide Pipework Installations for industries in Birmingham and the West Midlands region. These are all bespoke to meet your individual requirements, such as:

  • Pipe Fittings
  • Galvanised Pipes that are Screwed & Socketed (Threaded) for both medium & heavy gauge
  • Plastic and Copper Pipes
  • Compression Joints and Soldered

Planning and Pipework Design

For every installation and air compressor pipework installation, a full system design is available with drawings if required. We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied throughout the planning and design process. So, we provide in-depth consultation, with regard to all aspects of compressed air installations surveyed.

If there is a report required, regarding specific changes, our air compressor fitters will provide you with a comprehensive report to ascertain the corrective procedures. This will result in our technical pipework engineers executing the stated corrective works so that the air compressor runs smoothly and to its optimum system parameters afterwards.

Contact us here and see how we can help you today with bespoke pipework designs and installation for your air compressors.

With 30 years of experience in fitting and maintaining air compressors and pipework, our experts know what we’re talking about! We will work closely with you every step of the way and provide you with the answers and documentation you require. All to meet your specifications and for your business to use for future compliances. This includes:

  • Pressure Systems and Transportable Gas Containers Regulations 1989 (Health & Safety Executive)
  • Pressure Systems Safety Regulation 2000

All compressor and air quality testing is carried out by Compressed Air Systems UK will be supplied with a written record certification where necessary.

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