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While air compressors are durable and reliable machines, they do require proper maintenance in order to function at their best. One aspect of air compressor maintenance that is often overlooked is the use of lubricants. Lubricants are essential for the proper functioning of any mechanical device, and air compressors are no exception.

The main purpose of lubricants in air compressors is to reduce friction and wear on moving parts. When air compressors are running, the moving parts inside the machine generate heat due to the friction caused by their movement. Lubricants help to dissipate this heat, reducing the risk of overheating and potential damage to the compressor.

In addition to the type of lubricant used, it is also important to consider the viscosity of the lubricant. Viscosity refers to the thickness of the lubricant and is typically measured in centistokes (cSt). Lubricants with a higher viscosity tend to offer better protection for moving parts, but they may also be more prone to causing drag and reducing the efficiency of the air compressor. Lubricants with a lower viscosity, on the other hand, may not offer as much protection but can help to improve the efficiency of the compressor.

Using the right lubricant in your air compressor is essential for maintaining the health and longevity of the machine. It is important to choose a lubricant that is suitable for the specific make and model of your compressor and to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for lubricant use. Regularly changing the lubricant and keeping the lubricant levels topped up can help to ensure that your air compressor continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

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