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Safety Valves

Safety valves provide a critical function of releasing excess pressure from the compressed air system. Thereby, preventing damage to the system and protecting operators from potential hazards.

Compressed air systems operate by compressing air to high pressures, which is then used for various applications, such as powering tools or equipment. However, if the pressure within the system exceeds its design limits, it can lead to damage to the equipment or even cause a dangerous situation for operators.

Safety valves provide a fail-safe mechanism to release the pressure within the system when it exceeds a set limit. They are designed to operate automatically, so they do not require any input from operators. If the pressure within the system exceeds the set limit, the safety valve will open, allowing air to escape and reducing the pressure within the system.

There are several types of safety valves available for compressed air systems in the UK. The most common type is the spring-loaded safety valve, which operates by using a spring to hold a valve closed until the pressure within the system exceeds a set limit. Once the pressure exceeds this limit, the spring is compressed, and the valve opens to release the excess pressure.

Another type of safety valve available at Compressed Air Systems UK is the pilot-operated safety valve, which uses a pilot valve to control the opening and closing of the main valve. These valves are often used in applications where a large volume of air needs to be released quickly.

It is important to select the appropriate safety valve for a compressed air system based on its specific requirements. Factors to consider when selecting a safety valve include the maximum pressure of the system, the flow rate of the air, and the temperature of the air.

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