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PhaZair Single Phase Screw Compressor

From 24 to 27 CFM Available

Introducing PhaZair: 24-27 CFM Single Phase Screw Compressor

One of the oldest challenges in compressed air, maybe solved! Many users of compressed air, in rural or remote areas, have for a long time been hindered, in the use of a most valuable power source simply because they do not have access to a three-phase power supply. This means that equipment and machinery must normally be run from a 230V, single-phase power supply which usually means the size of the electric motor utilised on any equipment including air compressors is limited. The options available to such users have till now been very limited, which means that the air compressor often used is too small or that multiple compressors are needed to satisfy demand, which would routinely result in higher costs, increased maintenance, poor air quality and reduced reliability. A technological solution to an age-old problem!

The New Phazair-230 air compressor utilises rotary screw air compressor technology which means that the compressor is highly reliable and suitable for continuous use. The most important feature of this new air compressor is the use of a new control system, coupled with an inverter drive which also provides a variable output thereby saving energy. Finally, and crucially the Phaser 230 is a fully configurable air compressor that allows the input power to the motor to be regulated. This means that the 5.5 kW motor can assume various input powers and therefore different outputs to suit the requirements of the user delivering up to 27 CFM (780 L/min) at 8 bar and 24 CFM (680 L/min) @ 10 bar, more than double the effective capacity vs systems currently used, providing opportunities for businesses that till now have been limited in their use of compressed air.

High-quality compressed air as well!

The Phazair-230, in addition to its increased capacity, also provides high-quality compressed air from a reliable and robust system designed for continuous use, The Phazair-230 is available with a refrigerated dryer and can be either floor-mounted or mounted upon a 270-litre air receiver for maximum convenience and ease of installation. All this extra capacity with no penalty!

The Phazair-230 provides an industrial quality, continuously rated rotary screw air compressor that delivers performance with economy without sacrifice. Safety, convenience and ease of use have been maximised and the Phazair-230 is also very quiet which results in a comfortable workplace and simplified installation, as the compressor can be placed directly into the work area, unlike the high noise levels produced by conventional reciprocating air compressors for instance!






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