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High Efficiency Filter Elements

At Compressed Air Systems UK, we provide high efficiency filter elements to go with your air systems.

Benefits Of Regularly Changing Your Filter Elements
Filter elements must be changed on a regular basis because, regrettably, they do not last forever. This is necessary to guarantee a constant supply of high-quality compressed air and to help keep energy costs low.

At the very least once every year, the filter element needs to be replaced. Applications requiring higher purification standards or longer annual operating hours necessitate shorter exchange intervals.

Why Filters Need To Be Replaced
Pressure variations
Air demand
Temperature variations – season change
High/low humidity
Chemical attack – from oily acidic condensate or certain lubricant

Your compressed air system, air accessories, and downstream products can all suffer serious harm if the filter is not changed. Performance suffers as a result, as do costs and breakdown risk.

Compressed Air Systems UK
We have a wide range of knowledge about high efficiency filter elements at Compressed Air Systems UK, having been in business for roughly 30 years. Call us at 0121 7533 330 to talk with a member of our staff regarding our filter elements, who will be happy to answer your inquiries and provide you with further information about all our products and services.

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