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Air Receivers & Treatment

An essential component of any compressed air system is an air receiver, also known as a compressed air tank. An air receiver is used to store hire-pressure air from the compressor. Because of its volume, it stabilises pressure when a compressor switches or the load changes. The receiver’s large surface area allows it to dissipate the heat into the surrounding atmosphere as the air leaving the compressor will likely be warm, if not hot. The top of the receiver should be used for air exit because any moisture in the air from the compressor will condense there.

Theoretically, you could install an air compressor without a receiver, but doing so could increase the cost of your air system by, for example, lengthening the loading and unloading cycles on the compressor and making it work harder. It’s crucial to keep in mind that load/unload cycles will be influenced by changes in demand at your facility.

Although there are many different air receivers available today, it is essential for the efficient operation of your business that you have the appropriate air receiver for your compressed air system. It’s always best to consult with compressed air experts to make sure you get an air receiver that’s suitable for your compressed air system and requirements.

Every receiver tank ought to have a pressure gauge and a pressure relief valve (to vent extra air), and the pressure relief valve should be set at 10% more pressure than the system’s working pressure. Additionally, a drain facility should be present to remove condensed water from the system.

Air Receivers At Compressed Air Systems UK

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